Talk to Sonic Survey- Win Free Sonic Route 44 Drink

TalktoSonic is a Guest Satisfaction Survey available at This survey is conducted by Sonic Drive-In Company. It is basically a fast-food restaurant which offers many drinks like Milkshake, Soft Drink, Frozen Drink and much more. Apart from these drinks, they also offer food items like hamburger, chicken, Toaster Sandwich, Onion Rings, and Fries.

Every restaurant wants to know whether their customers are satisfied with their services or not, for that purpose they conduct a customer satisfaction survey.

You just have to take part in the survey and give your honest feedback on the questions asked in the survey. Your honest feedback will help the restaurant to make necessary improvements and come up with better products and services which will make their customers happy.

Then after completing the talktosonic survey successfully, you will get a chance to win soda or iced tea from Sonic Drive-in.

Before taking the survey you need to know about the requirements, rules, and step by step guidance. In this article, we will tell you about all these things. In addition to these, we will also tell you how can you enter the survey multiple times and increase your chances of winning soda or iced tea.

TalkToSonic Survey Details

Survey PrizeFoundation Drink or Iced Tea
AgeMust Be 18+
Entry LimitUnlimited Times
Receipt Valid For14 Days
Coupon Code Valid For60 Days

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Talk To Sonic Drive Survey Rules:

There are some rules and regulations of TalktoSonic Survey which you need to consider before entering the survey. So, let’s have a look at these rules:

  • You must take the survey within 14 days after purchase.
  • You have to redeem the coupon code within 60 days, after 60 days the coupon code will expire.
  • The employees of Sonic cannot take part in talktosonic survey.
  • You can enter the survey only one time on a single receipt.

Requirements – TalktoSonic Survey:

If you are interested in filling out the survey, you need to know the following requirements:

  • You have to make a purchase at any of the Sonic Store.
  • You should have an electronic device like a laptop, smartphone, PC or tablet.
  • Must have a reliable internet connection.
  • You should have a better understanding of English or Spanish language as the survey is available in these two languages.
  • Must be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • Your age should be 18 years old or more at the time of taking the survey.
  • You should have a valid receipt on which ID number and Store number is written.

Rewards are Prizes of Talk to Sonic Survey:

By taking part in the survey and completing the survey successfully, you would be able to get the Free Sonic Route 44 Drink which includes the following:

  • Free Iced Tea
  • Soft Drink
  • Limeades
  • Slushes

But here you need to know one thing that you can’t get all of these prizes on one coupon. As one coupon will only entertain one prize. So, you have to select only one drink from these.

Step by Step Guidance for taking Talk to Sonic Survey:

talktosonic - Free route 44 Drink

In order to win the Sonic Route 44 Drink, you need to follow some simple steps. Given below are the steps which have to follow for taking your survey:

Go to a Sonic and make a purchase over there. Don’t forget to save your receipt with you because it contains the survey code which you need to enter for starting the survey.

  1. First of all, visit the official website of talk to sonic Website.
  2. Select the language in which you want to take the survey. The survey is available in two languages English and Spanish, so you can choose anyone from these two. Make sure to choose the language in which you feel comfortable.
  3. Enter the ID number which is mentioned on the bottom of the receipt.
  4. Then click on “Start”.
  5. Answer all the questions honestly.
  6. Enter your contact information like your full name, address, phone number, and email id.

Finally, you will receive a Free Route 44 coupon code after completing the survey, write it down on the receipt.
In the end, redeem the coupon for a free drink or iced tea.

Questions asked in the Talk to Sonic Survey:

Following are the questions which are asked in talktosonic feedback survey:

  • First of all, you have to rate your satisfaction level at the store.
  • Then, you have to tell that which items you ordered at the store on your recent visit.
  • How was the quality of the drinks and food offered at the store?
  • How was the services and facilities at the store?
  • Then you’ll be asked about the behavior of the staff.
  • You will also be asked whether you have faced any issues during your last visit.
  • Accuracy and efficiency of the order received. (was the service slow?)

Afterward, you might be asked questions like “Is the price of the products is justifiable or not?”.

To keep track of the Talktosonic submissions and Sweepstakes, Sonic’s management will ask you some personal information like your Name, Address, and Phone Number.

This personal information is kept private and is not used for marketing purposes or sold out to anyone outside of the restaurant’s management.

This is all you have to do to WIN FREE Fountain drink or Route 44 drink from Sonic-Drive.

How to enter Talktosonic Survey more than once?

According to the rules of the survey, you can participate in the survey only one time. However, if you want to enter the survey multiple times, you need to know some points.

When you start taking the survey at, the company gets access to your IP address and MAC address. IP address is the unique code of your Internet connection and MAC address is the unique code of your in-use device. If you want to fill the survey more than once, you have to change the IP address and the MAC address. You can change your IP address by using a new internet connection. You can use your friend’s or neighbor’s internet connection. Similarly, you can change your MAC address by using another electronic gadget. Like use a tablet or laptop next time, instead of your smartphone.

Tips and Tricks for entering more than once:

  • Firstly, change your internet connection to get a new IP address.
  • Secondly, change your device to get a new MAC address.
  • Thirdly, change your personal details from that entered last time.

What to Do if the TalkToSonic is Not available?

If you are facing trouble with taking the survey or TalktoSonic website is not loading try refreshing the page a few times.

Sonic uses a Third-party service from Service Management Group SMG and it may be down due to high traffic.

Reloading the page a few times will fix your problem.

Secret Hack for Talk to Sonic

The secret for the survey is that you can get as many FREE Drinks as you like. You just have to make a purchase and enter the Talk to Sonic to get 1 extra promotional offer for free.

More receipts you have. More entries you can make! 🙂

Try this next time on your visit and let us know it goes.

Contact Sonic Drive-In:

Phone Number: 1-866-657-6642

Drive-In CEO Phone Number: 405 225 5000

Fax Number: 405 280 7696

Official Website:


Survey Website:

Corporate Office Address – US: 300 Johny Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104


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94 Replies to “TALKTOSONIC ® – Free Fountain Drink & Ice Cream”

  1. Sonic car hops should NOT wear gloves unless they are changed between customers!! Instead they should sanitize their hands each time they come back in the building. Sarah Stone RN

  2. Okay so someone at corporate needs to pay a major visit to your Harrah, OK location!! The service had tanked this year! Yesterday set in line behind one car for almost 20mins why they only got a drink and so did we! Today FF from yesterday like even smelled like bad potatoes! When buzzed back they said you can’t exchange a food item!! Wow! Sonic is going down hill fast say to see .

  3. Make sure your jalapeño cheddar poppers all have a jalapeño in them! I got a small order and one of the four cheddar poppers looked like a tater tot. I already knew there was no jalapeño inside. The workers should be able to recognize their if their poppers have a jalapeño in them or not.

  4. Please reference sonic drive in # 4440 check # 233501 Date of service 5/8/20
    I did not have a code on the bottom of the receipt to take the survey so I thought I would try this. I ordered the BLT Toaster, large tots, and had a coupon for a free Route 44 beverage. I would go to this Sonic in the past once or twice a week but over the past few months the service & food quality keeps decreasing. On this order there were only two very small pieces of bacon on the toaster sandwich. Paying $ 3.89 for the sandwich I expected more and I rmember there being more bacon than this on prior orders. Also, the window cashier Erin was rude. Years ago the window cashier named Paige was one of the main reasons I went there, she was awesome. Some other window cashiers who treated me well were Matthew and Maddie. There have been many times when I order early in the morning the tater tots are reheated and are quite bad. I specifically asked if the tots were fresh on this order and they were. I am posting this feedback because I do not think I will go to this Sonic any more. Thank you.

  5. MY SONIC in Spring Texas on Louetta has been attacked by tree cutters. These old oaks made a pretty and shady area on a busy street. What a DUMB move! Now….theres an ugly fence and weeds. Apparently the supervisor made this decision. Bad move. Now Sonic has a REAL JOB to clean up this ugly area.

  6. Ms. AJ at the Centerville Ga Sonic and her entire staff need to be acknowledged. During these difficult times the entire team has made it easier on me and my family when we come through the drive through. Thanks guys Great Job.

  7. I wish to protest. You took green tea off your menu. It was the only non carbonated, non caffeine type drink. I went from going 3-4 times a week to not at all. Please bring back the diet and regular green tea.

  8. No double cheeseburger available is understandable but no sonic blasts? That’s like waffle house saying no waffles….

  9. I visited the Sonic in Sherwood, AR yesterday and my receipt said that to enter a survey to win a free Route 44. The only problem is that the printing on the receipt is so weak that I can’t get the right numbers in to complete the survey. ID#4201?6?10544 This appears to be the numbers. Any suggestions?

  10. At store 3132 in Waveland Ms did excellent job…my food was good and shakes that I order was very delicious also the bell hop Alexis was very nice and greeted me with a smile and also friendly and polite.. Kimberly was polite also when she took my orders

  11. I would love to say how happy I am with the Sonic on hwy66 in Claremore Ok.
    It is always clean & employees are friendly. The manager Jerry is AWSOME!! We go in the late evening because of the heat. Jerry takes care of us friendly & will make it right if anything is wrong with our order. He’s a keeper.

  12. Hello I recently had a complaint about an order in May about slaw that was ordered and when my food came out they told me that they didn’t have slaw so I was told to call the 1-800 number after attempting to talk to the manager sonic in Greenville, ms hwy 82 … after calling that number I was given a free RT 44 with a purchase which doesn’t expire until June 14th through the app…I ordered through the app and I was getting a code which stated that my offer was invalid.. after several attempts the app wasn’t working and I lost the there anything you can do to get me a offer because I wanted to use the coupon before it expires thanks in advance

  13. On June 11th I used my app to order drinks at Walker, Louisiana store no. 3131. One of the drinks was a strawberry limeade with less ice and extra strawberries. When I got the drink it has extra ice and no lime on it.

  14. Order taker was rude. Carhop was very rude especially after we told her that our order was wrong. Took our bag back and and when she brought our food was just thrown into our bag.

  15. I really like Sonic food. The Burgers (I get the #1 combo – everything On it w/Fries & onions rings) are always hot and the bun is soft and fresh …. unlike the “Golden Arches”. I also love the cheese sticks. The service I received from carhop Nykira was Great! She was very pleasant and didn’t seem like she was rushing to beat the clock at the drive through window. She’s a keeper. Sonic’s my fav fast food.

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